Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Relief, More Luck & More Progress

Even though i wasnt really in the mood to play much tonight or last night i played 2 games last night and a couple tonight. Made a small profit yesterday but got another decent result on the comeback tonight.

The £27 375 entrants game resulted in a 5th place finish which was good because i was short stacked from about 140 players left and just picked my spots well and hit a few 50/50s as well as a 40% beat when there were 41 players left (pays to 40). Patience again being rewarded and i know everything the last few games is pointing to me playing a lot tighter to get paid more, even if i dont enjoy it so much.

Unfortunately i wasnt happy with the pot i lost when there were 6 left when i moved in utg for 60k (blinds were 2000,4000 and ante) with 99 and a 40k stack decided to call off the blinds with A10std, yes he was short stacked but there is no holding he could be ahead of the way i had been playing (very tight) up to that point. Anyway i lost the 90k pot and was left crippled on 10k and i went out 2 hands later (1 place higher as the other shortie got eliminated) for £600.
£600 is good but with more than double that to 2nd and £2500 to 1st its a bit disappointing in the end.

Other good news on the day was my CPC money coming through of $1800 that i had been promised but i hadnt expected it for a few weeks at least.

Only thing im slightly worried about is im still not enjoying playing that much at the moment and ill just have to make sure i dont play much each day until this changes. No afternoon play seems to help with poker 100% reserved for the evening only at the moment.

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