Monday, October 02, 2006

Holdem Blackjack Should Be Banned

All it friggen does is put me in such a mood that i dont wanna play holdem any more. Jesus was pretty much leading a $30 25 player with double value in the tournament the whole way only to crash out 5th (pays to 3). Its far too easy for your stack to swing both ways and this just fuks me off completely, compared to holdem a big stack is a pile of ass in my opinion. It also doesnt help when the lucky rock of a player that knocked me out of the WSOP on a 50/50 wins about 10 pots to every 1 i win against him at the final table despite me having the best hand over 50% of the time after 1 card. Absolute joke and those of you reading , no he is not a good player, he is a complete rock that got lucky here and at the WSOP. That table on day 3 of the WSOP was a joke, he was only 3 to my right so i couldnt target his and the other rocks (sat next to him 2 to my right) blinds even though they were free and nobody else at the table in a later position than me seemed to realise that which did surprise me.

Other tourneys complete rubbish as well and cash was an utter joke also, but thankfully at low stakes. So many rivers and dumb plays winning its a joke start to the month in all aspects.

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