Friday, October 20, 2006

1 Place Short But Decent Money

Played several games tonight but only 1 was of any form. The same tournament as 2 or 3 days ago 18$ rebuy resulted in a 2nd place finish out of 425 runners for about $3500.

I wasnt as lucky in this one in terms of beats, but apart from 1 or 2 hands i got my chips with the better hand and won.

There are several really key pots in this game to my progress but the biggest were these 2:

Playing a 500k stack (about 3/5 left) and blinds 10,20k 5 handed i raise to 60k with J10std. Sb ok player flat calls with slightly higher stack and the flop is J,10,9. He leads out for over 100k and i decide to push all in due to the nature of the pot and flop and he calls with AA and i hold up.

That basically sealed my top 2 or 3 finish at worst with a monster stack but unfortunately the blinds were big so i couldnt take as much advantage as i might have liked after that pot.

Anyway when i finally went heads up almost even chips with 1,000,000 each i fancied my chances at 20,40k blinds against a fairly simple player in my opinion. Stayed about level for a while but was getting a feel for the guy and then came the monster exit hand when we were even in chips.

Blinds 20,40k and he flat call the 40k on the button. He had been folding the button often with trash so i know he will call a small raise and i have AA so only make it 90k in total. He flat calls and the flop is 9,6,2 with 2 clubs. I decide to check to see if i can induce a bet as hopefully he has hit and i can get some action. If he checks too i bet the turn as he prob missed and the pot is ok anyway. Anyway he bets the pot of 180k, i know im almost certainly ahead but instead of pushing all in i give him chance to hang himself by only raising another 200k on top of his bet. He flat calls so has a draw or part of the flop and the turn is a blank J. I push all in 700k and he has J9off and he holds up to win. I could have played this hand slightly different but i dont think the outcome would have changed and im a bit gutted to have not won the extra $2000 but sometimes it just aint meant to be. Still a decent win but the winning feeling aint as good as it could have been unfortunately.

So the patient play run continues, i must keep reminding myself of this so that i keep this style for the time being at least :)) .

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