Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Need To Win So Badly

Im fast losing interest in the game, im pretty much in one of those dips where it doesnt matter what you do, or how you play. Simple fact is you lose whatever happens. The main problem with this is it doesnt take much to completely lose focus after all the stupid outdraws. All ive played today is 2 x sixpacs and im already mad as hell even though im only £3 down. Get heads up in a £20 one and have a 2500 vs 3500 disadvantage, climb to 3200 avoiding preflop all ins, the blinds go up to 200,400 and he pushes 1st hand with Q4off, i call with KQ and the first card out is a 4 , jesus i know this is just a small variance and i win 3/4 times but its happening in every game or if im behind it just doesnt happen to reverse the variance. Example being im playing a £10 one alongside that and i lose QJ vs KQ short stack, then blinds go up and its about level at 100,200, donkey decides to backwards dummy me twice , once with A5 and the second time with J10off !!! I just cant play this game during the day after that crap and it only takes a couple of games like this to stop me playing for a few hours, at the end of the day there is no point playing when im not enjoying it and i know that. The problem is i want to play through this shit and get back on a good or even just a normal run of luck. Cant wait until later for more punishment, thank god for this blog to release this bollox or i would be a friggen nightmare to be around.

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