Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Cant Win A Heads Up In An STT

I might as well go all in every hand and leave it totally to luck cos any play is wasted when i lose any preflop all ins way way too often (look at those 2 recent posts for examples).

£30 sixpac heads up 1500 vs 4500 i get up to 5000 vs 1000 avoiding any preflop all ins before the blinds go up and the following happens, mind you i should be used to it by now.

K6 vs K9 loses
96std vs Q10 loses
55 vs 78std loses
and finally when im down to 1200 i lose the only other preflop all in K4 vs 99.

I know this is no where near as extreme as the 2 posts prior but this is still taking the piss, where is the luck evening out where i win several of these preflop all ins in a row or at least more than i lose ???

Odds time 23% 15% split, 38%, 50% and 29%

Odds of losing all 4 preflop all ins heads up is approximately 1/7, come on gimme a break.

Just to top it off 1 minute later i bust in the 15k AKstd vs QQ vs 99 for a pot that would have put me 30th/230 ..310 entrants for £55.

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