Monday, August 14, 2006

The Return

Not too much poker to mention im afraid.

The journey back was pretty much as anticipated, from leaving my hotel room to getting home was just under 34.5 hours. It didnt help that the bug i picked up moved into my chest and i now have one hellish deep chesty cough.

Im unsure whether i have jetlag or if im just ill but im just sleeping whenever i can at the moment. Since i got back at 5:30am yesterday i slept from 6:30am-2:30pm, 3pm - 5:5:30pm and 12:30am to 2:45am. I have now been online for 2.5 hours (its 5:15am BST) playing a tiny bit of low stakes omaha cash (its easy on my brain). I will almost certainly try to clear 500mpp points on cryptologic so i can enter the next $25k added tournament next sunday. Apart from that i have zero poker targets for the next few weeks and will play mainly for enjoyment rather than worrying too much about the money.

One more point about the WSOP ive only found out now was that i busted Isabelle Mercier with that AJ vs AK hand (see "Animal Instincts" post). Im surprised i didnt recognise her as i watched her play a fair bit in Deauville but apparently she changes her image often, she was hiding under a cap to be fair. I remember the guy next to me commenting when i said how bad she was playing after i had busted her that she was a famous pro, as far as i was concerned she was one of the worst players at the table by image. She was between 3-6k the whole time i was there and even limped in one pot for 500 and folded to a raise. Basically i had been at this table for about 3 hours and she had played 2 or 3 hands maximum (including the limp) off her blinds and was certainly not gambling like a short stack should be in my opinion.

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