Thursday, August 03, 2006

End of Day 2B

81,800 chips left .....average is probably about 75,000 but i have a nasty table stackwise when i return on Friday. Only 3 stacks lower than me and lowest has over 30k.

Pleased to have made day 3 with above average chips but very pissed off about losing about 25k on the table i got moved to with 2 hours of the day left, jesus there were some big hands on that table and was a complete contrast to the best table ive had in the event before i moved.

More detail to follow tomorrow i guess but ive had 4 cans of beer since i got back to the room less than an hour ago so i cant be assed with detail.

Think there is under 1200 players left and payout is to 873 so about 300 will need to drop before i get any money and knowing my aggressive i dont give a shit about the bubble style i could be one of them. Day 3 could be interesting to say the least !!!

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