Friday, August 04, 2006

Mental Preparation (Part 3)

Again ive just spent the day chilling out in the room or by the pool. Ive just got back from the Venetian which seems like a nice casino where i left the others playing a $200 tournament. Had a nice expensive italian meal there to treat myself of fresh seafood ravioli and grilled vegetables. Every mouthful was fantastic , i must eat out at these places more often !

Key hands on day 2 were as follows:

3 or 4 hands in i raise the 600 bb from late middle position with JJ to 2000. Button who has more than my 42k reraises to 6k. Whilst im deciding what to do the BB has moved 10k allin. I pass and the button calls with 1010 only to get beat by the BBs AA. Thank you button reraiser for saving me 8k more, a lucky escape methinks.

Got moved to another table soon after and easily had my best table of the tournament so far. Key hand that spurred me on was JJ utg which i flat called 600 with. Several callers then the BB moves allin for 12k , i know from earlier play that the only hand he can have me beaten with is QQ although obviously he can have 2 overcards. I go allin 40k to shut the others out and he shows 99. I hold up and im up to about 55k.

There are no real key hands after that as such, i played flops, players and position and also got some easy reads on a few players at the table. I steadily climbed to 106k without any more preflop allins then the worst thing happened. I moved table with 2 hours left to play and instead of being joint chip leader my stack was dominated by 2 or 3 other stacks at the table as well as there being no real short stacks below 40k. Without going into detail i missed a couple of flops and got raised (and shown when i folded) and i also got reraised by AK when i had raised with Q10off to take a weak flat callers chips. The hole cards at this table were huge and some big pots were exchanged by most at the table. Anyway as ive said before im on 81,800 chips when play resumes. I have no real strategy at this point, its easy to think i want to survive the bubble for the £8500ish for 873rd or above but i know once im at the table i probably will want to be agressive around the bubble as its in my nature and i certainly wont be afraid to stick all my chips in if i think i sense weakness from another player. To put it into context i need 83rd or above to beat my biggest poker win to date so ill certainly be thinking about that target more than the bubble tommorrow so that i remain positive and agressive, not timid and passive.

Pokergods please be kind to me :)

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Anonymous said...

Gooooooooooooooooooooo Animal!!!

Well done so far mate and here's hoping you go really deep.

I'm looking forward to "Mental Preparation (Part 4)" !!