Monday, August 21, 2006

Profit But Absolutely Fuming

God im so mad, havent been this pissed off after a game for over a month.

$100 24 player, (last 4 times ive played ive made 1st,2nd and 3rd out of 20-25 runners)

Play a almost total "A" game and get up to chipleader with 18 left and up the aggression in all the right spots except when a KK runs into AA for a 5k pot which still left me in 2nd place as i had such a big lead. Anyway i dont tilt and manage to continue the aggression and win a few coinflips as well as losing a couple as well. Final table of 9 and im joint chip leader with 2 others and it pays to 5. I steal lots of blinds as we get more shorthanded and manage to get a comfortable lead then go nuts on the bubble raising about 50% of the time off the blinds and getting little resistance. By the time it goes 4 handed i have 20k and sustain that stack despite crap cards by stealing a lot. Then comes the nice set up hand, im on 20k 2nd place has 16k and there is a 10k and a 2k stack. I raise for the umpteen (if thats how u spell it) time , this time with AA and get reraised by the other big stack. To cut a long story short he has KK and he hits a king on the flop when im committed to the hand anyway. If i hold up there im 36k vs 10k vs 2k with the blinds only at 200,400. To say im livid is an understatement, i get a gay $350 when there is $1470 and $875 for 1st and 2nd. These guys play only premium hands and wouldnt be capable of a decent poker play in their life, what a big joke again.

Oh and just to add to the misery while playing that i played another CPC $20 shootout , same story again, i win my 4 player game and wait about 45 minutes for the other tables to finish as seems the norm. Then a guy decided to flat call my 90 raise with KJoff and reraise the QJrag flop committing himself when i have AQ. Of course the K hits the turn and im left on 240 chips when i should be chip leader with about a 40-50% chance of winning from there imo. Get my money back but again miss out on a seat in the $400 CPC shootout final. I will keep playing these as i know how much equity my buy in is giving me.

Before i played these i was in a ladbrokes freeroll to win a VIP package to Newmarket to watch my horse run on Friday also. About 90 runners with 19 VIP packages up for grabs. No the story doesnt end well, with blinds at 100,200 the dumb big stack is happy to commit 25% of his stack with 43off preflop and of course busts my AQstd for a pot which would have put me 14ish/29 , on paper i would say i was 75%+ to have won a package if that held up. These VIP packages are great and must have value in excess of £500 with booze on tap all afternoon, use of marquee, posh meal and hotel afterwards. Oh well try again if my horse survives to run another race :(

Summary of the night is ive got a nice reminder of how useful this blog is to try to get the shit out of my head, i feel a bit better already !!!

I also have a seat in a sunday lunch $500+$30 game now on Ladbrokes, so combined with my EPT stt on Littlewoods i have a couple of high stake games lined up which i can look forward to. The ladbrokes seat is a funny story, basically i registered for $27.50 for a sub qualifier for the $530 game with only 1 other player in it but their system was playing up and despite them trying to reset the multi section and cancel all games i managed to play the game and the other guy was sitting out. I had to complain when i wasnt registered or refunded my buy in and of course they are happy to put me in the $530 game LOL.

House hunting begins tommorrow with my first ever viewings of a couple of bottom of the market flats. I think im more likely to go for a house at the top of my budget but it doesnt harm to look at the cheapest first so the slightly bigger and better ones look a lot more appealing, well thats the plan anyway.

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