Sunday, August 27, 2006

Drunk and Hungover Poker

I know which i prefer , that being the drunk one. I enjoy what i remember and i luv to gamble at times and be ultra agressive. Hungover Poker is a different story, i dont enjoy the session regardless of wins or losses and am just playing to pass the time which is never a good thing.

Anyway i dont think ive lost much hungover today , probably level or down an insignificant amount. What i have done is clear 1 or 2 bonuses which is always useful. My drunk poker was ok as far as i remember with my gambling paying off for $150-$200 from an hour or 2s play.

Maybe i am a good judge of horses cos my horse ran like a dog to finish 3rd last out of 14 in the end. Oh dear maybe it needed the run or different ground and hopefully i will be proved wrong at the next run (if there is one lol).

Anyway got a few good games lined up for the next week now.

Sunday: EPT stt maximum 10 players (maybe only 8) win only for a 6600 euro package to Barcelona.

Wednesday: 9 way play off for a £1000 seat + expenses win only to Bolton next weekend

Following Sunday: $33 $50000 added to prize pool tournament usually 300-500 players and poor standard so good value.

It would be nice to win at least 1 of the top 2 or make the final table in the 3rd one as that would be decent money. I take nothing for granted, but im playing well and have had an excellent 2 weeks play online since my return from Las Vegas (+£3000) so im always in a confident mood at the tables which can only help my cause. I was freerolling the month anyway due to the cash in Vegas and with 5 days left anything is a bonus if it was to add to what looks to be my 2nd best month in poker since i started playing. What i really like about this months online play is my biggest win is only about £850 so the rest of the profit has come from smaller tournament winnings or consistent profitable sessions on cash tables. I would estimate 50/50 profit to have been from tournaments/cash online so far this month.

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