Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Review

Time for one these already ! August flew by, probably because of half of it being spent in Las Vegas.

I have no exact profit figure for the month until my WSOP cheque clears but its in the region of £15,500 after another profitable session tonight. Under £11,000 of that was the WSOP win so ive made over £4000 online since i returned in only 1/2 a month, i wasnt expecting this at all but my confidence has translated to the tables, and its good to think that this profit is not from just 1 big win, the majority being from cash sessions for sure.

I also have a 143 euro satellite for an EPT package and also a $50,000 added tournament this weekend all qualfied for and paid for.

It would be nice to say the WSOP could not have gone better, but its near impossible to say that unless you finish 1st/8773 :) It certainly went as i hoped as my initial target was to cash and anything else was always going to be a bonus so this was nicely achieved. I also learnt a lot more about the game from the 3 days play and feel i have taken it to yet another level when im in my highest playing zone.

The worst thing in August is i have lost any fitness i obtained in July and probably put back any weight on, hopefully by blogging this i will start a fresh tommorrow and try to make September more like July was for obvious reasons.

I am now happy with my yearly profit as i always thought i should average 2-3k a month based on last year and my 2nd best month in poker has seen me top £25,000 for the year. 2 months ago i know my half year review highlighted the fact i should have won more by my own standards.

There definitely seems to be more promotions for the cash player as well so next month i will target as many of these as possible, at the same time testing which site is the best for my cash games. I think a combination of sites is useful as it keeps me on my toes and i always like a bit of variety where possible anyway. I also intend to try to qualify for the CPC and where possible will be playing as many of the shootouts as possible as these seem to be where the real value is. I may try 1 or 2 new sites but only if i feel its worth it as i already have a good range to choose from at the moment.

One thing i want to avoid is being disappointed at the end of September because i have won less than August. I will say here and now that i will be happy with £2-3000 profit, its easy to get carried away after last month and i dont want to do anything silly or desperate when i could be nowhere near that level of profit next month. Saying that i cant help but think if the cash tables profit keeps rolling in i will pass this £2-3000 with ease, but whats easy to forget is i might play a lot less in September, as i often do after a good month as i just get lazy with poker which is fine anyway.

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