Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Poor Cash

I played yesterday and couldnt put a foot right it seems. Also missed far too many flops, but i know there are days like it. Think a 110euro pot on omaha summed the day up at the end when i held AJ103 with 2 diamonds and the flop was KQJ with 2 diamonds. Get another guy all in on the flop and he holds A1099. Turn = K and River = K for a full house when i was big favourite for a split or a freeroll flush for the whole pot.

I didnt feel that great playing with my head still not clear and i was probably playing a lot out of boredom which is never a good thing but it probably only affected my play a little anyway.

Anyway it will be interesting to see if this form turns round quickly or not as i went through several hundred $ during the day in total.

On another note my horse runs today in its 2nd competitive race at the 2:40pm 7f race at Kempton. Apparently it might like firmer ground , well it looks firm in Cornwall so it better be the same in Kempton (Nr London). Currently on Betfair it is 29-1 so it looks promising LOL :(( .

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