Thursday, September 21, 2006

CPC Negotiations

After a very very long email i have managed to reduce my $11,300 package to the CPC for 2 down to a $9,500 package for 1 and $1800 cash. Apologies to Dean "manic me" Troop for not getting a free holiday, £1000 cash is just too much to pass up. Interpoker took a long time to get back to me about this (about 2.5 weeks), so it will be interesting to see if anyone else can get the same as standard or if my email made the difference.

Anyway the important thing is that puts me into profit for the month in cash with just over a week to go. Having the package won this month as well this will be another successful month regardless of the end of it. Not included in my months earnings is the prize money from Laddies Poker which i wont get until he is sold in a month or 2. At over 460 euros this is a nice addition and his good runs will hopefully increase the sale price as well.

Been playing a fair bit the last few days but not many big buy ins because im still not 100% in health. Holdem Blackjack is an interesting fun new game on cryptologic which i like playing a bit and ive cashed in 2/3 tournaments ive played so it must be skill :)) I might have won a $650 sub qualifer to EPT dublin (1 in 15 win package). At this time im not sure as i hadn't quite met the tournament raked hands requirement (my mistake) and they are refusing to give it. I've sent a firm 2nd email and they are looking at it again, i wont give up the fight for this easily, it was an honest mistake which, in my opinion, shouldn't be punished.

Not too much lined up for the weekend yet apart from the party poker monster weekly (saturday and optional) and monthly (sunday and optional but i want to play this one) games so i will play as little or as much as i like i guess.

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