Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nutty Rollercoaster Luck/No Luck Crapshoot No Big Money

After some nasty exits in smaller tournaments earlier in the day i entered a 515 player $140 game. I got some big hands early which held up and i was chipleader for a good while before this hand:

200,400 im on button with 7h8h. I flat call an utg raise of 1200 playing a 15k stack at the time.
flop is 3h9h9x and i flat call a 2000 bet hoping the guy is on AQ or AK and i can semi-bluff the turn if i miss. turn is a 10 giving me a straight draw as well. He checks so i fire 5000 into the 7000 pot to which he puts me all in. Now there is no way i can fold here, i have far too many outs so i call leaving myself on 900 if i miss. He shows JJ and i miss for the 30k pot to have gone 1st/150, instead im probably last.

As often seems to happen i then get the luck for the smaller pots. 900 went to 4500 when i pushed nxt hand with K9 and nicely for me a 33 isolated me to x5 on a coinflip. I won another pot with top pair on a free big blind flop uncalled and got back to 10k. I then doubled K4 vs 33 to 16k before i doubled KK vs AK and i was top 10 again.

Basically i went card dead then but just managed to sustain that stack in the crapshoot bubble time before pushing A10std for 32k when the blinds were 2k,4k. I ran into AK and as always didnt get any help for the massive pot. That would have put me 2nd/39, thats how much of a crapshoot it was !!!

I got paid $400 but there were some big payouts at the final table, top 3 being 25$k, 16$k and $10.5k, so to say im very gutted after that rollercoaster is to put it mildly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert

Keep the posts coming m8 - enjoyable reading!

I see you are making your bid for a 2nd CPC seat. I was thinking of doing the same cos, as you say, the value is great. However, I was reading the conditions on the Littlewoods site. It seems any second package won can only be transferred to another registered player ie no cash equivalent. Thoughts?

And I look forward to the beer in St Kitts!


Robert Price said...

Alright Pete

Yeh i agree could be dodgy, ive not had a official response from Interpoker yet to confirm i would receive cash.

As for littlewoods send an email to Scott direct and he will confirm it one way or the other and he usually replies very quickly.