Sunday, September 10, 2006

Again Cursing Myself For Not Playing Tighter

Tried the cpc $154 shootout again as there was value with only 30 players. Despite being 600 vs 5400 heads up at one point in the first level i turned it around and made it to the final 10 again.

This time it was a little looser but the trouble was i got on the wrong side of the calling stations luck. Here are 2 examples of how bad 2 of the players were:

1) level 1 blinds 10,20, 6 flat call in pot so 120. flop 10,5,2 (i have K5) chked to me (last but 1 to act) and i bet 90 into 120. All fold except guy in front of me. He flat calls, turn comes a queen he chks i bet again as i cant put him on 10 as he was type of player that would have bet it , about 180 into 300. He flat calls, river is a blank chk chk , he shows KQoff !!! Some people are so bad and its nice to see just how stupid they are at these higher levels sometimes.

2) similar to above, level 2 15,30 , 4 callers ie 120 in pot. Flop 244, chk chk i bet 90 into 120 which is called only by the big blind. turn 9 chk chk, river 9 chk chk. Now u would never guess in a million years what this guy held. Q5std (no flush draw on flop btw) , so we split the pot as i had QJoff. LOL , just what goes through their brains when they make these sort of calls, i think they are just randomly pressing buttons :)

Anyway i threw a chunk after with AJ after that trying to represent a big hand before doubling back through and thinking it could be my night again. But then after going card dead i threw my chips all in on the small blind with only 95std and was called by AJstd , i didnt need to do that as i had about 11xbb at the time (saying that it was last hand of the level so really i was only 7xbb after that hand if i folded) but sometimes u feel its worth the risk, this time it wasnt.

I will endeavour to continue playing these if the value remains and i still think my game suits these win only ones where u have to gamble a bit. I did win $100 on cash in the 30 minutes before the start so its not too much of a chunk out of my bankroll anyway on the night.

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