Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cant Calm The Aggression Down

Fuk it, bollox im pissed off. Just busted the 3rd 16$k added tournament with a stupid overraise with QJoff , called by AQ and out 60th/400. Was a valid move as the guy was raising like fuk but im still pissed off at my bad timing. About 20 hands earlier i was top 10 with only 70 left , before i went on my raise and get reraised 3 times running. The third one i had A3std and was pot committed with pot odds and the muppet had AJ. I know i should tighten up more in these games sometimes but i cant help but raise. The first reraise showed aces anyway but i had jackshit anyway 25std i think it was in the cut-off. Guess there is a bit of agressive tilt in there but thats the way sometimes.

Earlier i went out of the 2nd 16$k added with QQ vs AJ vs AK , AJ winning of course !!! Not a monster pot but enough to get me right back in that one. In the party poker $100k i went out JJ vs KJoff for a pot to go 7500 when average only 5500. half of the 4500 field had departed at this point and the top 2000 get entry to their monthly $1,000,000 tournament so lets just say the KJ calling and hitting did not bring a smile to my face. OK i was livid :((

Also earlier played a $50 13 player tournament and finished 3rd ridiculously after raising 4 handed with 99 800 more to 1200 on the button the 4k stack bb flat calls and bets 2000 into a J1010 board, do i think he has the jack , NOOOOOO so i go all in . Donkey has Q9off and hits a queen, pot that would have put me 1/3 with over half chips in play. Reason i call him a donkey is he starts abusing my 99 call on the flop when its a damn good call, god did i give him some abuse and funny enough (as expected) his name was always on it, he went on to win a few hands later QQ vs 33 heads up. That just about covered my entrance fee to the other tournaments anyway, just a frustrating night as close to ok money or even bigger stuff.

Last couple of days ive dropped way down the stakes at cash and its worked with several good sessions. The only positive i can take from those tournaments tonight is the fact ive busted just in time for match of the day and i dont know any results so that should take my mind off this bull.

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