Monday, September 25, 2006

Late Sunday Report

Nothing big won unfortuately. Closest i got was playing the CPC shootout $154 where i played well and got some nice cards to make the final table only to finish 10th. I wasnt too annoyed as i should have lost an extra 1000 chips when outflushed but the guy played it as bad as its possible. The just as i think im freerolling the 1175 left as i should have been on 200 give or take a few my 1010 runs into AA behind when im all in because there were 2 limpers making the all in a must with my stack at 25,50. I will try some more of these as the chance of $11300 cash for a seat is too much value to pass up.

Party never got going and after getting back to my starting stack i just missed flops and finished somewhere in the 4000s/8000.

I finished the night off on 1,2$ NL 2 tables and have to mention this hand as its a classic, probably the biggest stitch up hand ive ever had in cash , luckily i was on the right side of it :)

I flat call $2 in mid with 9h8h, there are 5 of us in at a $10 in pot flop.
Flop is a juicy 7h6h3h and all check.
Turn is a even better 5h giving me the straight flush. Im hoping the 4h is out there or at least the ace. Anyway guy before me bets 5$ which i call and others fold.
River is a meaningless 10 and he fires $20 into the $20 pot. I immediately go all in and he instantly calls with 8d4h.
Pot was $546 in total so that was a huge bonus given you only buy in at this table with maximum $200.

Gotta feel sorry for him but i dont, we all get on the wrong side of these situations at some point, nasty one that though.

I maybe levelled for the day but im not really sure as i lost a wad on interpoker only to win on other software, certainly wouldnt have been down too much anyway.

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