Friday, July 26, 2013

My Top 8 Las Vegas WSOP 2013 Experiences - 3: Back To Back WSOP Cashes

Not much detail about the first one as that's within the next post.  Lets just say I busted it on Day 3 and was gutted to miss out on the huge money.   I wasn't angry or disappointed though and having bust that at 4:40pm I knew I would still play the 5pm $2,500 10game I had planned all be it on red bull when required after 3 flat out solid days of poker already.

I played the 10game once before in 2009 when I was pretty much awful at half or more of the games.  This time it was quite different though.  Whilst I wouldn't put myself on 9/10 or higher for any game I would put myself between 5-8/10 for all the games and it amazed me how much bad play there was within this tournament.

Once again a lot was on my table draw which varied through the first day, we were 6 handed so this was a huge factor.  Day 2 though I was moved within 15 minutes to a table I knew wouldn't break until I bust or reached the cash.  This had 3 or 4 soft spots and the other 1 or 2 were playing straight up abc for most part of the games.  I chipped up but eventually blinds and luck got me a bit.  I survived my first allin of the tournament on 2-7NL triple draw when I shoved allin with a marginal but definitely correct squeeze from the bb.  Guy that covered me called from sb to draw 1 card but missed.  That was my only allin before I cashed although I was very very short approaching the bubble as blinds were huge compared to half the stacks.  

Once I cashed I needed a lot of luck and got a little but lost 2 hands in a row in Badugi to bust in 33rd/372 for $4,900.

That ended a mtt slog that had started Tuesday:
Tuesday 5pm-2am
Wednesday 2pm-2am
Thursday 2pm-4:40pm paid out for 25minutes then 5:10pm-2am
Friday 2pm-9pm 

After busting I headed back to Venetian as was staying at Pallazzo.   1/2pl hilo game running so jumped into that and played till 2 or 3am making a couple of hundred $ too.  LOL addict.

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