Friday, July 26, 2013

My Top 8 Las Vegas WSOP 2013 Experiences - 4: Fitness & Healthy Eating

Now this wasn't planned or expected but it kind of fell into place due to several factors. 

Before I left for Vegas I had been to Malta and lost a few lbs out there eating a bit better than normal and not drinking as much alcohol.  Whilst I was only there for a week and didn't hammer any "proper" exercise I did go for a lot of long walks daily.

The starbucks $18 credit daily I mentioned in an earlier thread meant I pretty much had a largish baguette of ham or turkey along with juice/boost drink and fruit/nuts/coffee/bananas for the first 11 nights.  That meant I only needed to eat once more during the day which usually ended up being between 10pm-2am depending on my body clock which got later as the trip progressed and more later mtts (5pm starts) were there.  That could be anything from chicken burger from BK or often if I was in Venetian it was a fish dish in Grand Lux.  I only ate one beef burger the whole trip and didn't eat any other beef , again not planned and highly unusual for me.

The deep runs I seemed to get in nearly all the mtts I played meant I wasn't drinking as much alcohol as I would even at home.   I wasn't off it completely but it made a massive difference and the huge part of not really ever getting bored in any mtts (mainly due to ipod but other factors as well)  this trip was a big factor.  I remember getting drunk the previous year deep in a $600 plo mtt even though it was near the cash I was just bored and not in the mood.  Somehow this didn't happen this trip.

I also used the gym 5 times in 18 nights as well as steam room/spa a few times.  Obviously chilled by the pool enough too although that could have been a bit more especially in the last week.  I often found I only had time for gym or pool though so opted to gym it instead.

All of the above obviously helped my whole mindset on the trip and in cash games as well as mtts and it would be nice to think I would do similar on another trip, test that in Caribbean when im all inclusive for a few weeks hmmmm tougher methinks.  The big bonus was losing half a stone in that 3 week period too, unexpected, just gotta try keep it off now or even lose more !

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