Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Top 8 Las Vegas WSOP 2013 Experiences - 5: Attention/Effort In Smaller Mtts

Whilst there were originally a whole host of $200-$600 tournaments I had the option to play I only ended up playing 4 in the end.  Deep runs elsewhere and having to change my flight to a week later being the main reasons.

For some reason though I seemed to enjoy these a lot and put nearly as much effort in as the 4 WSOP mtts too.  I wont mention the only cash in any detail as im saving that for another post.  The other 3 were 240 plo/plo8 at the Nugget, 600 Stud8/O8 at Venetian and 240 plo 6 handed at Caesars.

At the Nugget I went into a huge early big stack and likely chiplead but blinds were up quick enough and after losing 2 flips and a bad beat I crashed out in about 19th from memory with the final table or less getting paid I think.  Was very happy with my play though and was pleased to venture downtown the one time that trip for the diff vibe.  Even had my only couple of ciders that day down there !

The Venetian 600 was uneventful except maybe my bust hand where one guy announced straight on river and everyone mucked before he turned over a misread 2 pair with a live 4 for low in O8.  Ironically I couldn't beat this and had waited to see the hand before I mucked unlike seat 8 who was distraught that he would have scooped and demanded but failed to get matey boy a penalty or warning , LOL.

Caesars was a lot of fun and I played loose as hell the first few levels.  My 20k went to over 60k by first break and I had only hit 1 or 2 hands and just bluffed countless scary rivers without getting looked up once !  I couldn't get much higher though and lost a 100k pot with aces at 500/1k when the guy had called off half his 48k stack preflop with QJ102 dbl suited and flopped a flush vs my aces.  Crippled I doubled up then managed to steal to survive until near the bubble with 18left and 15 paid.  I only had 71k at 4k/8k but average was only 160k.   I potted AQ108dbl std and got 2 callers which was ideal as long as it came down a flop I couldn't fold on.   Q97rainbow obliged and got it in vs guy that had just limped Q388 and doubled up tight old guy on a A98flop who obv had 999.  This time he had 10,8,6,2 so I was in great shape but a 5 hit the river and instead of going average stack with a chance to cash high or even win I was out.  Was gutted as it was the night before I flew home and had taken 7 or 8 hours to bubble.

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