Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Top 8 Las Vegas WSOP 2013 Experiences - 6: Cash Games Patience

Whilst I didn't play as much cash games as previous years due to the many tournaments suiting me and deep runs I still clocked in plenty of hours.  Out of 19 days I played on 15 different days. 7 losing days and 8 winning days. 

U could actually split it into 2 parts as there was a 3 day period in the middle (due to deep tournament runs) where I didn't play at all.   Interestingly the the first 9 days 6 of my 7 losing days.  The last 6 obviously only included 1 losing day.  

There are obviously many factors to this and the main one was definitely just running a lot better.   I did feel confident and more settled later in the trip but I think the same applied to the first week as well but it was just more a matter of limiting the losses.  I also got drunk a lot less than other trips, the fact I now have an ipod was just brilliant as it kept me entertained when ever I felt bored or just needed to take a mental break from watching the action.

My worst day 7 days in I lost $775.  I had won $200 at the Rio on 1/2 big O but moved over to the Venetian to play 1/2 plo8 instead.  I lost $975 there in my worst session but I still think it could have been more if I had played bad or tilted. 

I got quartered  on a strange pot where on the turn I had bet pot with 2nd nut low draw, 2 pair and nut flush draw.  All 3 players called and the river came a 2 to show QJ562.  Holding A3J6 it was an obvious pot bet to get value out of worse/same lows.  Unfortunately sb repotted for a few hundred more to show A34x.  The same guy was a fish maniac and also stacked me when a $75 pot on a 2,3,10 4 way flop when we got $600 in each.  My AK45 no match for his JJ56.

My best day came late in the trip for $1,230 profit on 1/2plo8.   Was funny as I was trying to get drunk but it was the one time the waitresses were few and far between so I remained sober until 1 or 2am !  There was a mad drunk Asian at the table that was always going to get stacked and I was lucky enough to finally catch him on a K66 flop with KK vs his 6xxx.  That was my only significant pot for $600ish profit.  The rest was just general play over many hours.

My final cash game profit was $2,050 for the trip.  Maybe next year I will note down how many hours ive played to get an hourly rate, almost wish I had this trip.   Somewhere in the 80-150 hours region is all I can guess at, so similar but probably a bit less than my online rate.  Previous trip I made $3,220 from cash games but played more hours and definitely was luckier, whilst getting no luck in tournaments that trip.

1/2 big O:    -$30
1/2 plo8:   +$895
1/2 plo:     +$995
15/30 O8: +$325
1/2 nlh:      -$135

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