Thursday, May 04, 2006

ok not a great night, never got going in my vc freeroll. The 109euro betfair game started well then 2 hands done me. Both in my opinion were played so bad by the other player so im not bothered as much cos they would easily bust playing the cards they had so slow at an early level.

1) flat called QJoff utg or in 2nd position, 5 players in the pot for 150 in total.
flop Qragrag i bet 100 flat called, turn = rag i check guy behind me bets 90 i call river = rag, i check he bets 120 i call and he shows pocket aces. Laughed a lot at that one cos he flat called behind my original call and allowed others in the pot cheaply then bet so small i could have easily caught cheap Q or J so could have easily busted. That took me back to just under starting stack as i had won couple of pots before that.

2) the curse of KK vs AA again ! seems to happen a lot lately usually in the 15k. Again the 6k chippie played these so slow they could have easily busted but then i guess they had 4k in reserve if they did lose to a 2k chippie. Had already noted they betted a couple of big hands really badly before that. UTG raised to 90, flat caller 90 behind, i raise to 210 ...small blind 6k chippie flat calls. Amazingly neither of the other 2 callers dont call another 120 here which is really bad imo as they've already invested 90 and with a flat caller at 210 already they have huge value to take a flop. Anyway a 10 high flop sealed my fate at only level 2 but again if i was one of those 90 callers i would call 210 for value every time so the aa easily could have busted again.

Await next thursday for another shot at that tournament which a few months back i was on a run of cashing 50% of the time for 8 weeks or so. Lately though i cant remember the last time i cashed although usually its been the preflop allins that have demolished my stack towards the cash with bad beats.

Anyway 2 days off from poker now and a return on sunday to play the 10 seater WSOP winner only tournament.

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