Tuesday, May 23, 2006

4 games played today

2 sixpacs 57$ and £33 , won 1 of them unplaced in other.
2 multis £27 and $109

In the £27 10k tournament i got the usual exit hand at only level 2 when i raise with AJ and get a AA10K board b4 the other guy raises me allin only to show AQ

I am pleased to say the $109 18 player was much more successful. After winning AK vs 1010 and 66 vs A7 for 2 huge pots preflop 3 and 4 handed respectively i went heads up 27k vs 8k and took first very quickly when i raised a AcKc10Qc board with 4c2c and the other guy moved in with AJc and missed the river, love the way he didnt raise preflop and only 400 on flop to let me in so cheaply lol. $1500 profit will boost my monthly profit nicely and give me some freedom to enter what i like up to the end of the month.

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