Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Considered a day off completely which is unusual for me on the 1st day of the month, im usually itching to start a fresh month.

In the end i played from 11pm through to 3am.
failed $109stt
cash .5,1£nl and .5,1euronl....made about £200
couple of 10-20$ sub qualifiers...won a wsop limit one of these to go into a $182 next stage on 24 June, 1 in 5 get through next stage to final which is also 1 in 5. Would be nice to qualify for a smaller package to force me to go to vegas even if i dont make the main event. buy in is only $1500 the other $3000 in the package is travel,hotel and $500 cash.

Not too bad considering i wasnt really in the mood to play earlier in the evening. Think if i stick to playing only when i know i really want to i should enjoy it a bit more, winning does help though !!!

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