Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Treading Water

Kind of anyway.  I did lose a huge chunk since last post but it was days back now.  Basically a horrendous short session on high stakes limit = -£1,000. 

Won a bit back Sunday then last couple of days i seem to just go up or down a few hundred and then finish around level in the end.   Would say its boring but im still earning rakeback and after the downswing breaking even seems almost like winning !   Think ive put in around 8hrs a day too Mon/Tues and hoping to keep this up as i expect it to drop right off this weekend as usual.

Still not playing any mtts, just dont have the patience.  I also still lose my rag too easily and after getting sick of constant emails for chat bans on stars ive now permanently requested no chat.  Just a shame i cant apply that to all sites as a test :)   Speaking of volume, ive done rough figures and ive made over $2,000 in rakeback this month so far.  Sitting on profit of +£2,372 at mo.

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