Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Holiday ?

Kind of given up on this month and by telling myself that im effectively "on holiday" and seem to be more relaxed immediately !!!

Unless i get an urge (or i play a possible freeroll Thurs) i will return to the game on Monday August 1st.  Got plenty of stuff to do around the house and the weather being so good is also a factor in this decision.

Ive kind of been battered by the game since the start of May and a few days off to focus and decide what course of attack to take can only be a good thing.  I wont put final July figures down yet in case i change my mind. Its only around +£1,000 now after another 3 soul destroying short days often losing a large chunk in just 1 session.  Still dont think ive played bad just that same bad luck i cant seem to shake off.

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