Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ok So Where Are We Now ?

Been such an up and down few days since last post.   I had a day where i had a golden hour near the star making a ridiculous amount for the lowish stakes i was playing.  Anyways roughly +£500 it kind of lasted until on slightly higher stakes at the end of night i managed to lose a $600 (highest pot of day) getting it allin on a flop of 954ddx with A295 vs KK36 (no f draw).  It doesnt sound that bad until i mention it was 3 of us to a flop which had $24 in the pot on.  Mug check raises me from the sb when ive bet 20 into 24 with raiser behind me and is only too happy to get 280ish in each.  of course it comes 7A.  On the day i was -£8 after losing a bit more after that hand as well as losing my cool yet again.

Yesterday just resumed the pain ive endured the last 7-10days and nothing went right.   Ended up losing about £800 to reach a new low for this month.   3 hands within 10minutes on 2/4$ pl hi lo pretty much summed up how its been.

 AA56ss on a QJ47ss board misses and i pay off a river bet as another J looks blank.   KKJ4 called raise from sb, too good for me :(

A234cc on a 10K76cc board vs A10106.   Obv blanks out.

Then the 3rd killer.   Similar to the 954 hand above.   Basically raised pot by me with A2Q8.  Only too happy to get it allin on a Q83flop but it turns out im vs 8845 and it comes xA to lose another $600ish pot.

Today however has been much more promising.  I seem to have played better, enjoyed it more and obviously run better overall.  Also found a really bad fish that donated a sig chunk to me middle of day and got back the day befores losses and a bit more.   Im trying to avoid a lot of limit hi lo and the mixed games for the time being as that seems to be where a lot of my downswings have come and , fingers crossed, it seems to be working.   Even redeposit on a site i bust 2 months ago and enjoyed a change of scene and some truly shocking players.

Anyways still wanna win a lot lot more but sitting back on +£2,224 (was £1,000 less 24 hours ago) so content for the time being.

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