Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Analysis

Just spent a decent amount of time looking at statistics for my 2 main sites (the only 2 i track at the moment).

Across all pl hi lo stakes im a regular at ive run below ev this month.   The one that sticks out is .5/1$ hi lo pl on party poker where ive gone -$584 over 6700 hands.  Doesnt sound a lot but i usually buyin for $40 so its a lot relative to that.  Also on allin ev im -$600 (should be +$40 if level).   This is just for this month, but as mentioned above all stakes are on a -ev swing.  No wonder ive got so disillusioned with the game right now.  Combine all that with terrible downswings generally and awful luck on short high stakes sessions on limit and even with the £2,500 bonus i cashed in its pretty amazing im still in + overall. 

Ive tried to play a bit of plo but am just not enjoying it enough to focus fully on it.   Only 1 night did i play multis this month too as i knew my patience wasnt right which is daft given just how bad some of these remain as well.  

Anyway lots of stuff to think about before i resume next week  :)


Anonymous said...

You need an azimut visit to bring some geordie luck.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

true , azi aces required every other hand

Anonymous said...

Just get back on the multis u mug