Sunday, July 10, 2011

Any Worse ?

Yip, since last post i lost another £1,000 playing drunk.  Didnt throw it away though just lost as usual on highish stakes i had to play as known total fish was there.

Didnt play at all Saturday as generally major pissed off bout how this weeks gone pokerwise.   Wasnt sure about tonight but felt good after a snooze so logged in to play first tournaments since i got back. 

Only 19 in $120 and awful standard as usual but its quite turbolike.  Anyway get to last 5 (paying 3) and sitting joint 2/5 when i top up bb of 800 with AxJs7s5x into the big stack.   He checks and flop is K52xss.  i min bet and he pots to 4000.  So im playin for stacks but im happy to with a middle flush draw, an A7 lowdraw and a pair its a good spot so i shove in my 10k.   He shows AxJx10s,8s.  Pretty much the best shape i could be in but of course it comes KxQx and im gone in 5th.

Before that i had doubled in $109 and playing 6k managed to get 1400 (4bets) in preflop vs a guy who only had another 2600 behind with AA78 dbl suited.  Cue K96xdd flop (not my suit) which i figured was a gr8 flop vs someone who has reraised me preflop.  Oh no he has AK29ddxx and cant get it in quick enough. 

These mtts reminded me i need patience and i need it fast.  I couldnt believe how bad some of the play was but as usual i was mad as can be after busting.  Prob broke even on cash alongside but again was frustrated to hell vs fish.  Best example getting 15/40bb in preflop with AKK2.  Flop K35 rainbow and i lose to 10,10,6,4 but plenty more where thats came from this week.

Im amazed i havent got any more chatbans this week.  Ive totally lost it many times.  Going from one of my best weeks of the year to one of my worst has just been too tasking and i fast need to refocus and just hope that my luck changes sooner rather than later.   Ive cashed in $4,000 in bonuses but ive lost all of my profit i made the previous week and £500 more.

Now sit at +£2,090 for the month (bear in mind £2,500 from bonus) so not happy at all.

Might play later, theres no shortage of action but just cant face it right now.  Oh and to top it off my laptop keeps crashing on some sites, could b on the way out.  Nice to wind me up even more though until i replace it.

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