Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 2013 Review

Good solid first couple of weeks, poor boring bad 2nd half of the month including 4 or 5 events in WCOOP without a cash and only 1 semi deep finish with a 1/3 of field left.

Final profit £2,294.  Don't sound great but a shocking last session on Thursday dropping £1,000 (haven't played since as been away on a long weekend and wont play tonight as hungover !) and ~£800 in mtts with no cashes brought me down somewhat. 

Not sure what October may hold, hopefully wont get as bored as I did again in the 2nd half of Sept.  Haven't ruled out playing live next weekend/week a bit but wont decide on that for a couple of days yet.  Similar plan to September I expect although I am looking at graphs etc now to try and come up with some form of sticking to whats been working the last 1-3months and not wasting time on the wrong games.

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