Monday, September 02, 2013

August Figures

Short post, rake adjusted figure of +£2,030.  Seems to have turned the corner after dropping nearly £2,000 quickly at the start of the month.  Peaked at about +£4,000 before that horrendous day a week ago mentioned in the previous post.   Level ev on 1 site, $3,200 behind ev on the other 2 combined so overall im happy with how ive done as £4k month on level ev is good month for me. 

Now had 6 full days off from playing poker, will probably resume tomorrow unless I sit for a short session in a mo.  Sept plan is similar to August although there could be up to $2k in buyins to WCOOP in the middle of the month


Anonymous said...

'rake adjusted figure of +£2,030'

What does this actually mean? You would have won £2,030 if there was no rake?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

it means if I was able to cash out all my rakeback I had earned in the month on the 31st at the %rate I will get at some point in the future I would have made £2,030.

I only started doing it this way this year as rakeback has become a big proportion of my profits.

EG: I made about £1,000 real money profit last month, but my gross rake was about £3,400 of which I will likely cashout at a later time at 30%. So rake ad profit becomes £1000+£3,400*30% approximately.

hope this makes sense, obviously when I do cash in the rake its not included again too