Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WCOOP And Month Update

Been a fairly steady month so far I guess.  Have got bored at times playing only pl hilo but I needed a bit more rake on my 1st site to clear a bonus by 27th so have played some plo too the last few days.

Sat at about £3,000 inc rakeback this morning but have entered the WCOOP for $615 so far with a $200 addon to come assuming I make it 2 hours in !  Could be an expensive day but wanted to play the 5card 6max pl hilo event although would have preferred 4 cards ! 

Already failed on 2 events but had enough points to play those for free, also missed the 9 handed 4 card pl hilo one due to being too hungover, oops :)  Might update later if gets interesting although not expecting anything right now.   Chopped a ridiculous pot now vs shortie as I write this :(

edit...lasted 6hours , never got a big stack but held my half average stack well for a long time.   exit hand to solid guy tilting/gambling after he had lost 2/3 of his stack and only marginally covered me.

reraise pre with AAj47 1 suit and flop 966xdd.  he leads pot ive only got 2k more than that and call what looks like an obvious flush draw and is vs A8839 with 1 suit of diamonds.  turn 3d and I miss low/fh outs.  was biggest pot of the mtt and got it in good so happy enough with exit.  still only 29k when average 40k but would have given me a shot, finished about 2/3 into field 132/436 pays 60 :( 

deffo not playing 8 game mtt in 20mins , wish it was on a different day, feel like I need time off but deffo switching off for at least a couple of hours or maybe the rest of the night.

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