Sunday, December 01, 2013

Nov Review

Probably the littlest poker ive played for years.   Mainly due to long 22 nights in Caribbean, seems to get longer each year !  Already looking at staying a month next time :)

Online went well when I played which was nearly all the first half of the month.   Lost a chunk live though on NL holdem and plo cash as well as a couple of mtts.   Final profit for November came to £1,849.    Sounds bad but I lost £1,300 live as well as a flip in a $1,650 mtt to have gone 4th with 1/3 of the field left on day 2  (was my first significant allin of the mtt) .  Rakeback just under £500 in that too which is tiny.   Overall though im ok with the above figures.

Had a good holiday though but still been slack only playing 2 hours since I got back 4 days ago.  Im hoping to absolutely tank December as much as I can handle it to try and finish the month with a bang and a template for months going forward in 2014.   £44k so far for 2013 so £50k would be genuine target I guess.

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