Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nearing The End....

...of the most frustrating year online in all my time as a poker player.   each time I think im on a good run and doing well , bang shot back down.   I really wish I could devolve myself of emotion when I play but I know I would find the game even more boring than I already do so this wouldn't work anyway.  thankfully I did well in vegas to keep my profit for 2013 very respectable but this isn't about the money its about losing pot after pot after pot after pot online, it just does my head in.

today ev doesn't even show it as stuff like this was happening.   flop top set and nut flush draw vs 2 pair gutshot and baby straight flush draw.   the guy doenst even chkraise the flop he flats , catches the straight flush then milks me so that pot doesn't even show up on my ev line.   another guy limps QQ681 suit playing 20xbb at 2/4  . I raise kk out pos and flop top set vs his underpair and flush draw and I miss.  same guy then doubles off me a few hands later flatting me with top pair on a 963flop with 2 hearts when he has no flush draw just Q910J.  I hav a pair and a complete wrap and of course miss when the money goes in on the 9 turn.  again ev doesn't show how lucky he is.  and finally I call a 3bet in position 3handed with AQJ8dbl std.  flop Q87.....the guy that 3bet has QQ82 with no suits.  I mean WTF is this shit.  I would go back to mtts but I think I would mind them boring and even more annoying when u sit there for hours only to bust in a similar way.  Sitting on a pathetic £1,500 ish total for the month, nearly all rakeback.

right lets see how many stacks im down below ev this year.  lets forget money for the moment as I will summarize that at the end of the year.  

main site:  
120 stacks (100xbb) behind ev over 550k hands

2nd site:
17 stacks behind ev over 69k hands

3rd site:
20 stacks behind ev over 75k hands

so combined im over 150 stacks behind ev this year.
as an example put this into money context and if all my games were at .5/1$ you would b talking $15,000 behind just through bad luck.  in reality my average game is somewhere around 1.5x higher than this so the -ev is in the 20k$ range somewhere.

summary, please let me run better in 2014 even if its only level to ev, end moan. (for now)

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