Saturday, December 07, 2013

December Off ?

Feels like I should just take the rest of the month off.  I cant do a thing right and im just plain getting destroyed on the cash games.   Its soul destroying stuff and it has to be bad for me to come on here for a huge moan these days and this early in the month.  I even took 48hours off midweek as I couldn't take any more and I return to another massive loss day which is nearly all just bad luck. 

The only glimmer today was cashing in the 2nd FTOPS ive played this week but I was leading it halfway through the field so obviously not satisfied with a min cash but whatever.  Anyways heres the stats in $ for ev and £ for loss so far not including rakeback.

main site:
hilo and plo:           -$2,700  ($2,100 below ev)

2nd site:  hilo only.   -$1,150 ($1,400 below ev)

overall  combined  -£2,360    (£2,188 below ev)

so if I ran even im basically level on the month but im sick of saying that sort of shit.   2 big ev losses on 2/4plo and 2/4pl hilo on separate days on my main site were the main culprits before today.   today it was pure hilo on 2nd site and outright carnage some of the stuff you just couldn't make up.

im supposed to be a "professional" but even after 10 years and a decent enough profit this year I just cant seem to get over this stuff to the point of where im not in right frame of mind to play any poker let alone my best poker.   so annoying , this should/could be a heavy grind month when its cold outside and less other stuff to occupy me so I feel im wasting time when im not at the tables ....arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rant over.  focussssssssss please.


Anonymous said...

You love it


Anonymous said...

Take a break mate!!

Robert "Animal" Price said...

nope no breaks must push on through it. had couple good days since all be it drinking while playing to make it more interesting but got rid of a big chunk of loss. happy to be £1,100 down now !