Friday, February 15, 2013

Mid Feb Update

Well i would like to say the grinds back on but its kind of where it was before where i cant seem to enjoy it enough to just bang out the hours like i normally do in winter.   Im still doing ok volume and have managed an "averagey" sort of profit but would like it to be more on both fronts.

Another swingy month and will try and attach to graph so far below for it.   Was running well last few days and steady too but just hit a ev wall in last 200hands and shut early for night.


dD said...

if your "averagey" profit is net positive .. whats to complain about -))
I'd like to (part time) grind, but I'm much to much of a recreational fish for that, doh !

Robert "Animal" Price said...

always had a love/hate relationship with poker but now ive done it 8years + the honeymoon period is over and its like a job the most of the time. somedays its fine other days i hate it with a passion.