Saturday, February 02, 2013

January Review

Well if u have read the previous posts u will know i didnt get off to the flying start to 2013 i had wished for.  I cant be bothered to copy a graph but it basically shows me near level for the month but about $5,500 under what was a decent straightish line allin ev.

Actual final loss was -£478.  I raked about $8,000 though so if i included rakeback i earned a paltry but profitable £1,522.

Struggling a bit with the game and not enjoying it like the end of 2012.  Obviously luck has sommat to do with that but its not just that.  I cant really put my finger on it but even after winning sessions it still just aint as much fun.   Outside of poker didnt help, so unfit and tried to conquer that but was stopped in my tracks in the middle of the month for 1.5-2 weeks when i caught just enough of a chest infection to not warrant exercise.

Hope to rake similar or more in Feb.  Hope to start enjoying it again soon and not just playing for the sake of it. 

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Anonymous said...

love how being gutted earning £1500pm doing something you enjoy.

Sick Life