Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb Figures

Not in mood to play or write much here as had a bit of a chest infection all week which along with an annoying headache has given me a lot of time off to do nothing and get very bored.

That said ive squeezed bits in when i could but volume severely effected and only raked $5,700 on my main site.   Did play maybe $1,000 of rake elsewhere though as played couple of other sites.  Not gonna add a graph as it looks v similar to the mid Feb one.

A good average solid month where i ran maybe £300 over ev so level on that really.

Final profit £2,885
Roughly £1,300 uncashed rakeback could add to that.

Expect a pretty heavy grind next month with ok promos on and a lot of bonuses to clear.


dD said...

excuse my ignorance .. when you say "raked" , is this rake paid or actual rakeback ??
btw (as I've suggested to soap) if you add a bloglist "microstakes fish poker blogs" .. you could link my blog up quite nicely in that category !



Robert "Animal" Price said...

raked = rake paid, would say rakeback if i mean that. added link i think, gl