Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Overdue Bad Day

Didnt play much the first 6 days but all was fairly steady for what i did.  Been building up to a grind that started today.  Am still not sure but might try doing $500 rake per day for 28days straight but ill just see how im feeling after days/a week or so.

Rough day anyway, done over 5000 hands and was ok the first 2/3 of that.  Was showing a slight profit and slightly below ev then basically the shit hit the fan.  Some of the stuff i saw was just beyond belief , i will give one example below of when ev doesnt come into play on the graph.

This fish didnt hav a clue what he was doing, he should have stacked me 5minutes earlier when i had wrap flush draw vs his top 2 on flop.  turn gave me the nuts with a redraw but river paired to give him the full house.   i check to him and he checks the 2nd nuts behind when there was no way in the world i was folding the way the hand had played.  Basically this guy hardly ever bet and just called the most ridiculous spots.

Anyway on to the hand that completely sums up the last 3rd of my day... 1/2plo
Dam i got history of wrong hand emailed, have to it from memory.

utg raise to 6 fish call and i call in position with JJxx, 1 suit mayb but suits dnt play this hand neway. 1 of blinds call so 4 of us to flop.  utg bets $4 into a J83rainbwo flop , fish calls and i dnt pot raise but make it 22ish which just fish calls.   turn is a 6 and fish chk calls close to pot which was now about 70+ , i remember betting 62 or 64 i think.   board is still rainbow and river is a 2.  fish checks and ive got 105 left behind which  i obviously bet allin.  he tanks for mayb 20seconds before callin with J4510.   i was already gettin beaten up b4 this hand so i just laughed, and before anyone thinks he was checking to induce a bluff, i call tell u 99% certain he wasnt, just didnt have a clue what he was doing. 

another joker just called off over half his stack preflop with 5533 and happily chucked the rest in on a 874flop to catch a 6 vs my committed aces. 

Anyways ill try and get a good nights sleep and regroup to bash out a good day tommorrow but ive run so good for so long im due a bad run but i also know im gonna struggle if this lasts any period of time.  Lost over $1800 on the day, 1000 below ev.  Should mention i didnt play higher than 1/2 today, so its hurting more cos of that i guess.

-£651 for the month on a possible day 1 of 28 :(

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