Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Post

Been a turbulent few days.  Not really getting into this 9hours a day lark so cant see me lasting 4 weeks !   More likely to ease off doing half as much daily and actually have spare time to do other stuff.   Done 4 full days at over $500 rake a day and the volatility isnt helping but generally im just not getting into the slog like i know i can.   Also bad news on rakeback as site im playing is changing their top level soon so the points ive got racked up have lost about 20% of their value (-$10k) since i found this out yesterday.

Graph shows decent enough given how tired ive been on and off but currently well under ev so for the year i clock in at -£61.   Raked $2,800 though so am in profit but just not feeling this routine.  Think ill either play 9hours 2moz or have a day off and do 9hours Saturday.   Sunday off then just $250 rake a day every day will only be 4-5hours and will probably suit me better.  Hopefully what i lose in rake i can make back by not being so tired and playing a few less tables at once.   That said if i do play tommorrow i might change my mind and just carry on with the outright slog !!! 

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