Thursday, August 01, 2013

July Figures

Brought back to earth before I even had a chance to celebrate June being my best month for 4 years.  July was my worst month since June 2012 although it was actually my worst month online for over 3.5 years if we take into account that June 2012 was predominantly offline.  

Rake adjusted figure of -£3,214.   Looked like it could be 1.5-2 times that at one point but did get a bit back towards the end.  Most of it was just plain bad luck (ran around $6,000 under allin ev even though 98% of my games were 1/2 or below) . I didn't play well either for the most part, especially the first week or so after getting back, when I think my plo game was the worst for a long long time with no kind of feel for where I was and probably making bad folds as well as some awful calls. 

Would have took more time off but am still clearing bonuses so need to keep playing so a reasonable extent.  The same applies to next month.  Hoping to be in the mood to play a few of FTOPs but will see as ive not been in the mood to play a single mtt since I got back so far.  Anyways plan for August is to just run better and play a bit better too , hopefully :)

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