Friday, October 03, 2014

September Profit

Another solid month with a bit of run good in there for good measure.   Wish the run good had been at the business end of any of the 3 scoop mtts I cashed in as it could have a been a huge month with a few more slices of luck deep.  Anyways cant complain as final profit was £5,621 even with taking nearly 5 days off at the end of the month.

Don't think im going to play any of the EPT London mixed game events, was tempted but just doesn't seem worth it when I factor in all the costs and effort for what's likely to be smallish fields.  Save those sort of buyins for next years WSOP methinks. Off to Caribbean for the 10th year in a row during November so plenty to look forward to at the moment.  Even though there's still 3 months left of this year it feels like im kind of winding down for 2014 already :) and I seem to have been more chilled the last month so hopefully can keep this mindset going.  A good example was the test today when I went up £600 in an early session before returning to a mental swingy session.  Rivered for a pot where I would have gone up to +£1,500 I went on a big downswing and was probably down over £1,500 before finishing -£660 but was still happy with that strangely enough.  Graphs say I should be £1,200 better than that so its just evening out some of the run good of late.    Actually hope that 5/10 game runs again as it was a lot of fun and I can take the hits and devolve myself from the money at the moment when im playing which is essential at those stakes for sure.  Anyway hopefully can get back into a good routine once the small bug ive got clears and exercise and grind the poker well together like most of Sept.  GL at the tables !

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