Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb Profit

Off for a boozy weekend tomorrow so doubt I will get the chance to play any more this month.  On the face of it a decent month at £4,488.   Hides a lot of stuff though.  Volume low for various reasons,  vegas for some of the month, jetlag, motivation/boredom, new car searching etc.  £1709 of vegas profit hidden in there too.  Just had a decent final day at +£1,200ish too which obviously helped that final figure. 

March would like to do more volume, I did try a few mtts last night but cant say I enjoyed them even though I went deep in them all and cashed in one I found it ultra frustrating on the final busts which were all for huge pots.  That said I might try some more if cash games are dry which they have been at times this month.  Expect to book a wsop trip too but haven't yet as no major deals around so might wait until venetian bring their schedule out mid march so I can fine tune what I want to play before booking.  Might pop abroad end of March to a warmer climate but nout planned as of yet.

edit: $500 above ev for Feb

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