Sunday, February 01, 2015

January Stuff

This could change but currently ive made the tough decision not to post profits or losses for the month totals any more. Obviously im still recording them so if I change my mind this could appear again.  This may kill the blog completely but for the time being I intend to at least post once a month for a general summary.   Still playing highly volatile caps games almost to the points where its unhealthy but most of the time it makes me play more time on other stuff alongside and its given me a new buzz about poker which I have probably not felt for 5 years.  The swings are crazy and I actually finished the month today with the wildest variance of the month.  I went up $5,000 really fast then proceeded to gradually lose it back before losing even faster and ending up with a small loss !  

I've raked more this month than probably any other month in my 10 years of playing poker full time.  I wasn't planning it on Jan 1st but got into these games so much a few days in so i've just been flat out.   I made Supernova on Pokerstars yesterday and roughly across all sites raked a combined $23,500 total.   No intention to go for elite as i'm probably playing unsustainable hours but do intend to do a similar figure next month.

That's another topic I should mention and if I wasn't so lazy I would do a proper post about it but i'm just too busy at the moment to even consider it.   Tomorrow is my 10 year anniversary of playing poker full time.   How its all changed over those years and i've still got no plans to go back to a 9-5 job any time soon. 

February time to run good please, remarkably upbeat even though ive had a horrible bad run of luck this month.  gl all

Monday, January 05, 2015

Best Worst Start To A Year ?

This is all a bit surreal.   I couldn't lose and was hitting everything for the first 3 days of January.   I peaked at a profit of £3,600 (not including rakeback).   That was until today, seems ive had my worst day for .....well....without looking back I would estimate about 5 years.  I may still play later and will edit if it changes but seems ive lost £4,100.  What I don't understand is im always angry or depressed after such a day but im literally almost laughing at it.  Wish I could bottle this attitude for the year !  I think its just because its that extreme and I was already up most of what I lost so no harm done ? LOL   I seem to have developed an addiction for 3/6 NLhilo CAPs on stars and this is where most of the swings have been but its so much fun (almost like a casino game!).   Todays loss is all just ev loss (ie run bad).   Gonna do some graphs for the year no, doubt ill post them here but interested to see wtfs going on lol.   Volume and attitude are good anyway so that's more than half the battle !!!

Ha make that £4,250 lost another 2 buyins on caps as I wrote this :)
Yeh basically graphs show I would be about £1,500 better off if I ran level to ev.  as it is im -£670 currently, shame .   Rakeback around £550 already , to put that into context I normally only manage that figure about halfway through the month !

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review/Figures

Strange year.  It started huge with a lot of run good in there too.  Pre vegas months weren't quite as good and vegas itself was challenging but I passed missing out on the huge stuff but happy with my play and results which covered my buyins and gave me that shot at huge $ again on another lucky day.  Summer post vegas was really good which is unusual for me but the complete opposite then occurred for the final 3 months of the year.  As a whole its a solid poker year, all be it volatile at times.  The last 3 months have generally been hell ev wise but im still about $6k above ev for the year as a whole.  I wish I could conquer the mental/emotional side of poker as I know when im in the zone and not worrying about it im playing my best game !!!

Figure is +£45,637 just £2,264 short of 2013s profit.  I guess that means I should aim for £50k next year.  Anything over £30k is good though and above £50k would be very very good.  Im also hoping I will buy into more WSOP events this year and may well do about 5 weeks out there, nothing booked yet though.  Last year I bought into about $13k of mtts out there, if all goes well I wouldn't be surprised if its somewhere over $20k in 2015.

Right time for some graphs I guess.  This is my main site which includes plo and plo hilo:

Below is the same graph for the previous year.  In 2014 I focused more on playing better and game selection often on less numbers of tables whilst moving a lot more of my volume over other sites.

Next is secondary site which included biggest variety of games inc plo hilo, limit o8 , plo, NL hilo , NL hilo cap as well as other games not tracked

and comparision for 2013

and 3rd site, note the nightmare last few months on it !

2013 same site

Only other graphs uploads are pure plo on main site just to convince myself that my game is a winning game not just a break even game before rakeback like I used to think and be happy with !  stakes are .5/1 and 1/2 as that's 95%+ of my games.

And finally plo same graph for 2013 comparison

Hopefully 2015 will be a good year with less tilt and less boredom at the tables !  Very close to booking 33 nights in Vegas as I write this even though the full schedule isn't out yet !  Good Luck to anyone that still reads this :)

December Review

Another volatile month but the main difference this month is playing a lot better despite running just as bad/worse than the previous 2 months.   Barring sommat daft later (im not even planning on playing as have mild bug which is spinning my head out a bit) ive still managed to obtain a decent profit.  Checking my ev over 3 sites I would be another £4,400 up if I ran level this month but as it is ive finished up with a respectable +£2,936.  I did final table a 6max hilo event on ftops but crashed out in 6th, theres so much luck at the business end and I generally play to win so could just have easily crashed out on the bubble in 20th odd or won it.  Wasn't a huge field and cant remember the figures exactly but think I got $2,000 which covered my buyins for other evens + a bit of spare.  Top maybe was $10k?

As ive mentioned before I shouldn't focus on the ev as im probably still up on it over the whole year (figures on that to come in annual review) but its difficult when its been 3 tough unlucky months in a row especially outside of summer.   Ive still found myself tilting a bit and even had to shut down some decent tables 2 nights ago as it seemed like most allins were going against me regardless of %s.  I took yesterday off to clear my head and it kind of worked until I woke up feeling rough today !  Ive not boozed since Boxing day and intend to try and keep this to a minimal level in January.  Ive also put half a stone on in the last 6 weeks and let myself go on the exercise front.  Done a little the last week when I haven't been stuffing my face with food or booze but its gonna be a tough road to get back just to where I was !

Will adjust above if I play later, depends how bored I get :(

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Xmas !!!

Right where to start.   Much of the same since last post (until today).  Was still playing well but running awful.  I did manage to get a bit going then got whacked right down to level for the month again a few days ago.   Anyways stuck with it and finally rewarded with a huge day for me considering its all cash games.  Made +£2,500 today (its incredibly rare I get a day above £1,000 these days to put that into context) and there wasn't even that much high stakes in there.  Just hoping I can not donate it back any time soon although pub tomorrow/xmas day family/pub boxing day so it shouldn't be too soon ;)

A couple of days ago the EPT Malta schedule came out, nothing booked yet but seriously looking at playing a 1100euro stud hilo out there along with a week or 2 spring holiday in March.

In April im heading up north to Scotland (non poker) and this year im considering doing 4-6 weeks of the WSOP from the end of May.   That full schedule isn't out yet but they have released a teaser with a few key events listed.